B2B Lead Generation

Our B2B Lead Generation Services For YOU

At B2B Lead Generation, we understand that both volume and quality are extremely important. You’ll spend less time nurturing and following up on unproductive leads and ensure higher conversion rates overall.

B2B Lead Generation

Generating qualified B2B sales leads, by representing your brand in a professional manner. Quality lead generation services = more sales!


B2B Databases

The Lead Generation Company’s B2B data comes with a 98% accuracy guarantee. Data is one of the most important elements of marketing.


B2B Appointment Setting

Are you looking for a multi-award winning outbound B2B appointment setting service? Then look no further, that’s our job!


Prospecting service
outsourced digital

We prospect for you, on your behalf – from making contact,
until the appointment is made – by combining two channels:

LinkedIn (targeting)

The best database in B2B – 26 million users in France, 900 million worldwide – granular and up-to-date targeting.

Email (prospecting)

Preferred communication channel for B2B decision-makers – less intrusive, adapted to complex solutions – effective and scalable prospecting.

Accelerate your lead generation

Generate more qualified appointments

Is your development mainly through networking, word of mouth or customer recommendation?

We contact prospects who do not yet know you – allowing you to go beyond your network, and generate qualified appointments in a regular, industrialized and proactive way.


Delegate your BtoB prospecting

Outsource your prospecti

Do you lack the time, know-how or desire to prospect?

With our method, we take care of everything for you from A to Z – allowing you to delegate your prospecting, and concentrate on tasks with higher added value.

Diversify your acquisition channels

Multiply your prospecting sources

Do you depend on a single channel or provider for your lead generation?

We add a string to your bow with cold email – allowing you to diversify your acquisition channels, and to include an additional agency among your service providers.

Leads Generated
Campaigns Launched
Audience Reached
0 million
Client Satisfaction
99 %

Multi-Touch High Quality Lead Generation Services

Our rock-solid qualification process for your MQL starts with the prospect showing clear intent by interacting with the campaign. We cross-check parameters to drop leads that are less likely to convert. To qualify MQL, we tele-verify them to give them a green flag based on their internal sales readiness. Then, your sales team accepts and closes the deal. simple


Multi-Touch High Quality Lead Generation Services

Our rock-solid qualification process for your MQLs, starts with prospects showing clear intent by interacting with the campaigns. We cross-check parameters to leave out leads that are less likely to convert. To nail the MQL qualification, we tele-verify them to give the green flag based on their inside sales readiness. Then, your sales team takes over and gets the deal done. Simple.


Frequently asked questions

Do you want to grow your sales?

Lead generation companies provide tailored B2B services including telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, LinkedIn marketing and provision of marketing databases.

If you want to increase your sales and increase your profits, you need a B2B lead generation agency with both the knowledge and skills to generate new business opportunities.

A multi-award winning agency, Lead Generation Company will work in partnership with you to build lasting relationships, understand your market and generate the results and ROI you seek.


Outsource your B2B lead generation !

If you are looking for outsourced B2B telemarketing, you can speak to us today for an initial free consultation. By outsourcing your campaigns to us, we can increase your sales through B2B appointment setting, lead generation and telemarketing.

Outsourcing to us allows you to focus on converting sales to new business revenue. We generate leads, which you can convert into new clients and customers.

Our business development consultants will learn everything there is to know about your product or service. Then, we will generate as many fully qualified appointments and leads as possible that match your specific criteria.

A natural approach to B2B Marketing !

When you come to us to outsource telemarketing, we understand that you will have individual needs. So every telemarketing campaign is tailored to your specific needs.

Our B2B telemarketing team focuses on providing unscripted, and natural, intelligent conversations in their approach. Connecting with your business prospects in a positive way will yield quality sales leads and appointments.

Maximizing your ROI is our primary objective. We achieve this by using quality telemarketers who represent your business and brand with the utmost professionalism. Thanks to a proven approach to lead generation, your sales pipeline will be filled with healthy opportunities.

Our winning strategy and accurate information !

Each of our campaigns, be it outbound telemarketing or digital marketing, is tailored to your business needs. When it comes to leads, quality beats quantity. So, whatever strategy we deploy, we want to be an identified decision maker for every lead whose business would benefit from your product or service.

Our B2B data is industry-leading, and guaranteed to be 98% accurate. Depending on exactly what your business needs, we can acquire data, clean data or create data. We match your exact criteria for a completely accurate B2B database

Our transparent and results driven staff !

Our team at Lead Generation Company is highly experienced, talented in-house telemarketers and digital marketers. Each of our expert employees has a proven track record in delivering the best possible results for our clients.

Over the phone, our B2B telemarketing team is professional, polite and respectful. They are committed to the tried and tested B.A.N.T system for identifying leads: budget, authority, need and duration

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